last update October 06,2017

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Picture or the available "stack of information"

Intoduction: What I need from you

Synopsis: The briefest possible explanation of what is going on

Ledger:  Payments, Returns, Balances. This accounting can be documented with bank records, minor errors are likely

Last billing:  For November 2017.  This bill is so far out of REALITY it can only be described as bizarre and is nothing short of extortion.

My accounting: it shows the amount owing to them by my calculations. There are likely small deviations from reality. The amount owed to them is ONLY DUE TO RETURNED FUNDS!

Spreadsheet of expenses;   (to be added onto as this proceeds)

Affidavit to the courts: submitted with help of the first Attorney in June 2015

Notification of "status conference": (first one) Note: this notification was sent to the wrong address, not certified and I literally only received  by shear luck. A neighbor found it in their street side mail box. I received this some two weeks after it was dated. I had previously notified all Mortgage administrators on many occasions, some by certified mail, that my mailing address is NOT MY PHYSICAL ADDRESS. Street side mail box has been ransacked on several occasions. Provided them: P.O. Box 8821 BACLIFF, TX 77518

Reply to the courts to above notification:  Note: this response was filed a second time  shortly after the first status a second request. That time I added paragraph 8. these files need to be located

Recent notification from their Attorneys seeking a court hearing:

Brief accord of the first status conference, April 2017 at the Galveston district court.

Attorney assignment - no longer current

Sep.03 Notice of hearing no longer applicable

Sep. 15, My request for postponement -confirmation received

Status conference set for November 10, 217

Assignment of attorney, October 2017

Shellpoint Web site access data:

Loan Detail from their website October 2017:

Miscellaneous other statements:




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